Friday, 3 October 2008

100K Welcomes

Lovely day again today, but boy is it cold, I had another good blackberry foray. A gentleman staying earlier in the week certainly enjoyed them for his breakfast.

We are planning on doing a bit of redecorating next month, so the other half was on at me today to get things organised as time is moving on, trouble is I keep changing my mind on what to do as there are so many fabulous wallpapers, paints etc nowadays. I want to be up to date but not ruin the traditional look and character of an old Victorian house, which I love and know my guests love too. However, this year I introduced a feedback form in the bedrooms which included a part on suggestions on how to improve the rooms and some of the comments are great, so thank you if you put down an idea I can incorporate into my refurbishment.

Yesterday I attended a one day course 100k Welcomes Delivering Service Excellence, organised by our local tourist organisation Bepta. There was a good group of people on the course and it was very enjoyable and interesting. It goes to prove you never stop learning and I picked up some great ideas which I can hopefully incorporate into the B&B and into myself!

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