Thursday, 16 October 2008

Flying High

Last Christmas I was given a 1 hour air experience voucher with Tayside Aviation, so I finally got around to using it today, couldn't have picked a better day to go flying. So off we went to Dundee airport where I met my instructor who was taking me up and discussed what route we could fly. It was a very interesting and enjoyable experience, slightly nervous especially with the slight turbulence, but I felt very safe and I got to have a go at flying!!

Our route took us from Dundee over towards Meigle and onto Blairgowrie then we went over Dunkeld down to Perth and we followed the Firth of Tay back to Dundee. As I said the weather was fantastic, you could see for miles and miles, and the scenery was spectacular. I tend to forget sometimes what a beautiful country I live in and flying above it all was a very memorable experience. I did attempt to take a video of my flight, but unfortunately the end result was a bit shaky! mind you the approach into Dundee with the Bridges over the Tay isn't too bad, I shall maybe try and upload it at some point.

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