Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Litter Picking with Blair in Bloom

Was pleased to be able to help out again at this years Blair in Bloom Litter Pick on Sunday.  On the Saturday there had also been a little pick at the Loon Braes and Davie Park area in Rattray where a lot of work is going to be carried out by the Loon Braes Partnership to tidy the area up.
Great to see so many people turn out on a cold but sunny Sunday morning.  As there were plenty people I chose to go along to a local wood which is part of the Ardblair Trail which unfortunately has a bit of litter/ bottles strewn around and the bizarre 'sport' of hurling your dog mess bag into the undergrowth when there is a perfectly good bin up by the road.  Also sad to find a dead mouse which had become trapped inside a plastic bottle. 
After the litter pick there was a bbq held at Davie Park for all the volunteers, very nice it was too.

 Great Centre spread in this weeks Blairgowrie Advertiser


kristieinbc said...

It is so nice you are able to do this for your community. Speaking as a tourist I have to say it paid off. Your area of Scotland seemed very tidy. I don't remember encountering much litter at all.

Gilmore House B&B said...

Thank you, fortunately we get a lot of people remarking how tidy Blairgowrie is which is good news.