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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scottish Tablet

A couple of weeks ago I made tablet for the first time ever.  Tablet is  Scottish sweet and is not another name for fudge despite similarities, tablet has more off a bite to it.  Was probably a mistake to make it as it was so delicious and not very good for the waistline.  I found this brilliant tablet recipe online and if you follow the instructions you can't go wrong.

Don't panic when stirring if some caramel like blobs appear as they will disappear. Next time I make it I will have to smooth the top better and I should also use a sharper knife to score out the pieces and probably make the pieces smaller as it is extremely rich.  Apart from that very pleased with how it turned out and everyone enjoyed it.  Afterwards if you find cleaning your pan is a problem fill the pan up with water and washing up liquid and let it simmer away and anything sticking will come away easily.


Felicity Martin said...

Yummy - I'm tempted to follow your example.

Gilmore House B&B said...

It's really good, which is a problem as you'll keep eating it!

Lorna said...

That looks fantastic but I'm worried that if I try to make tablet it might put me off it. I made sticky toffee pudding and it had that effect - when I realised just how much artery clogging saturated fat was in it, it didn't seem quite so appealing. I love tablet and would hate to stop eating it. Yours does look very tempting.

Gilmore House B&B said...

Thanks, not the healthiest of treats I would agree :-)