Friday, 21 September 2012

Glenshee - with no snow

Early finish, nice day, so instead of catching up on domestic bliss thought it was time me and my faithful hound got back out for a long walk.  So I decided to head up the road and park up at the ski centre at Glenshee.  I think all my other photos of that area are of a snowy theme, but not today.  I think the A93 from Blairgowrie up to the top has got to be one of the best driving roads anywhere which is probably why so many bikers head up that way at the weekend.  I walked up to the Cairnwell but took a route which takes you up past Butchart's then along the ridge, but I dropped down to a lochan area where there was a random fishing hut, great place to go fishing.  The glenshee team were also out and about fixing the snow fences for the coming ski season.  Never saw any deer today, but plenty hare, grouse and ptarmigan about, but the little blighters are too quick for a half decent photo.  Well I made it to the top and just gazed at the view, dog had great fun and is sleeping well now.

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