Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Here I lie, fallen.
My beauty aged, gone in too short a time.
Frosted, withered and dry, my lifeblood gone.
Those bright fresh days of spring, a stranger now to me.
I emerged, like a butterfly.
Unfurling slowly, stretching, a bright vibrant green catching the light.
I had long glorious days.
The breeze gently cooling me, the sunshine warming me, the rain cleansing me.
Colder nights came, I shivered.
But then I glowed brightly, my colouring changing.
I felt alive.
The harsh wind came, the day's became shorter.
It was time for me to go.
I fell.
No more.
The tree that gave me life now must sleep.
Nature's earth re-claims me, my memories run deep.


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