Sunday, 15 December 2013

Scone Palace in December

The grounds at Scone Palace are open at the weekends in December, free of charge, so went along for a wander and to admire the big and huge trees.  There was some damage from the same wind that casually blew my B&B sign over.  There is a new pinetum in the grounds, well it might not be that new, but newish, been awhile since I last went around the grounds.  The maze is always fun, whatever your age.  And of course there were the obligatory Highland cows that always grace the parkland at big grand places.  The light was lovely this morning but unfortunately dulled over by the time I reached the palace, so pictures a bit gloomy.  I have been attempting to cut down on my social media 'stuff' so that is why I am now on Instagram as well now!!! Link at top of page.  Something will have to give though, however it won't be my blog.

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