Sunday, 1 December 2013

First of December

Another month has dawned, the month where television advertising would have us all believe we are some sort of a failure if we don't have many fabulous parties lined up and the big day must be spent bestowing lavish gifts on one another, laughing, eating and drinking merrily with our nearest and dearest, but then I'm just cynical and probably don't 'get it'. It is like we are conditioned from birth to live our life in a certain way and people who don't tow the line are a misfit.  Is my life so unfulfilled because I didn't catch the latest instalment of Eastenders or some other amazing 'celeb' programme or catch up with the latest gossip from the rows of magazines available.  I must fit into the failure catalogue because I don't get my nails done each week.....emmm well never :-)
 I will be absolutely delighted when this year is over and can start afresh in the New Year with more somewhat amusing solicitor letters to look forward to, with words like 'blank assertion' to mull over in amazement.  Although it is not really that amusing, just wears you down to a very low level and you are in a constant state of 'life is frozen' and will there ever be a shining light at the end of the long dark tunnel.  Thankfully I have 3 very upbeat lovely children to make me smile. I have no idea how I made it through this year. I think I just went into auto-pilot.
Today's dog walk was just in the locality and I was fortunate to see 2 red squirrels.  There are also many fieldfares around now and they are easily identifiable by their call. The wee loch Hare Myre was totally devoid of any waterfowl today but plenty of swans on Stormont.  There has been waxwing sightings in the town, so I will keep my eyes peeled.  The bed and breakfast is closed now until my next guests on the 27th, so I can have a treat and sleep in one of the guest rooms until then.

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