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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Junior Ryder Cup Blairgowrie

This afternoon was the Opening Ceremony for the Junior Ryder Cup here in Blairgowrie,  North Britain. Today and yesterday were the practice sessions.  I walked along yesterday for a look and we had some fun in the area set up for children to try their hand at golf. They got a really impressive goodie bag as well. Very busy week in the B&B with the main Ryder Cup being held at the mighty Gleneagles.  The Ryder Cup is a team golf competition between the USA and Europe.
Interestingly there will a referendum, in 2017 I think, to vote whether or not the UK should stay in Europe. Anyway, no more political talk from me. Watch the grassroots grow, 'O flower of Scotland' has wilted somewhat.

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