Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Scottish Referendum - 18th September 2014

A damp, dreich, drizzly day in Blairgowrie with one question dominating the thoughts of people living in Scotland, YES or NO. The ballot paper itself reflects the question, asking for a cross in either box. The question being 'Should Scotland be an independent Country'.  I thought I would record a few random pictures of the day, just to remember. There is a real feeling of anticipation in the air, can truly say I have never felt anything like it. Whatever your opinion on the question and whatever the result I hope we can all move forward in a positive manner.

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Jenny Wilson said...

Fingers crossed for a good result .... I know which way I would like it to go, but whatever lets hope people pick the right one. I am quite exhausted and stressed by it all now ! As I think are many people.