Tuesday, 19 June 2012

AA Awards

Just received my 4 Gold Star Award from the AA which sits nicely with the AA Breakfast Award.  This will be the last year I receive this award from the AA as I have decided not to renew my membership next year for a variety of reasons.  I am still currently graded 4 gold stars with Visit Scotland so please be assured the standards will remain the same.  Well even if I wasn't graded at all my standards would still be high, as that's just me, I would be embarrassed to receive guests if my house wasn't up to scratch.  To be honest if the B&B isn't coming up to scratch I'm sure someone would very quickly rip me to shreds on Trip Advisor.

I am committed to using as much local Perthshire produce as I can and also make as much as I can. I don't say I do something and not back it up, well you can see from my blogging what I do.

I have also decided not to renew my membership of the Green Tourism Scheme of which I am graded Silver.  I have been doing sustainable 'things' for years now and will continue to do so and also have reasons to pull out the scheme which I probably best not write down on here.

Possibly I have reached the stage in doing B&B that having someone telling me I need six clothes hangers per person and I have to do this, this and this isn't really that important any more.  At the end of the day to me what is important is that guests enjoy their time staying in the B&B, and my visitor books and reviews tell me they do.

Am pondering over another couple of things, so maybe my last paragraph answered that question.

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