Sunday, 17 June 2012

Open Farm Sunday

Today was Open Farm Sunday when Farms open their doors to the general public so we can find out what goes on.  One of our local soft fruit growers here in Blairgowrie Thomas Thomson was taking part, so off we went this afternoon to the Packhouse at Haugh Road.  There was a very big turnout of interested people despite it being a bit wet.  We all got into minibuses and our first stop was to look at Blueberries which won't be ready for a while yet and then we took another drive to see raspberries and different varieties of strawberries. A fascinating afternoon hearing about all the challenges faced by fruit farmers, the day to day running, their supermarket customers etc, as they say 'you learn something new every day'.  Our last stop before tea and cake and strawberries was to see some experimental cherry tree planting.  Great afternoon and you really can taste the difference between the different varieties.

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