Saturday, 2 June 2012

The 'Brave' Express

As you may know I am a Twitter user, I picked up on one of the streams today about Visit Scotland taking a train from Edinburgh to Dunkeld called the Brave Express.  Basically it was a day out for journalists, Disney people and other tourism related people and was a big promotion for the area.  It is all to do with a film which is being released in August called 'Brave'  by Disney : Pixar, so naturally there is a big promotion push for Scotland.
So for reasons only known to me I went to have a look at the train arriving. So watched some pipers and watched lots of people get off a train and onto buses to take them around Perthshire sights. 
Well anyhow the railway station at Dunkeld in Birnam is worth visiting just for it's gem of architectural Victorian features.  I hope the film Brave brings the whole of Scotland the increase in visitor numbers they are expecting and doesn't just have a huge spin-off for certain areas of Scotland - remember us here in East Perthshire!

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