Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Taymount Wood to Stanley

 In my blog of 24th August 'A wee walk at Ballathie'  I walked part of the old Scottish Midland Junction Railway and thought perhaps you could walk all the way to Stanley, well you can!  I parked at the entrance to Taymount Woods and followed the sign for the Path to Linn Road.

 I eventually came out at Burnmouth Ferry where there is a fabulous beach and today was a perfect day to sit and enjoy watching the fisherman and canoeists enjoying their day, although probably too sunny for fishing.  You can take your car down to the beach area if you don't fancy a walk.
 Campsie Linn is just further up the river from this photo, but I think it is easier to view it from the other side.
 It's interesting how forward thinking many of the old estate owners must have been as I came across a lovely line of copper beech trees and it didn't appear to be an old driveway avenue.
 I retraced my steps and then followed the old railway along towards Ballathie to where I had walked in August, then back to the car.  I said before that I would be without a car, but fortunately the hubby is now able to get a lift to his work, so it worked out fine.

Stanley is only a 15 minute drive away if you fancy going to the beach and I was also reminded today that there is another beach in Perthshire at Kenmore.

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