Saturday, 29 October 2011

An Evening with Venison

 On Thursday evening I attended an event 'An evening with Venison'.  It was organised by Perth & Kinross Council and was a venison themed networking event for Tourism Businesses.  The event was held at the Birnam Arts, Community and Conference Centre.

 Delicious smoked venison from Rannoch Smokery

Scottish Country Sports Tourism

 To start the evening off there was an introduction about Scottish Venison, then a gentleman named George MacDonald talked us through and showed photographs about a day out deer stalking.  We then had a talk by John Fletcher about the history of deer and deer parks which may not sound very interesting but it was quite fascinating hearing about how people long ago used to capture deer.  He showed us some photos and one was of a place called Buzzart Dikes which is just at the edge of Cochrage Muir and looking on the Ordnance Survey Map you can see the ditches and line of enclosures clearly marked out - guess where I will be going for a look.

 We then had a cookery demonstration by Nichola Fletcher and the evening finished up with sampling all her venison dishes and then some very tasty venison burgers.

Interestingly yesterday I noticed the local butcher had some rather tasty looking venison and cranberry sausages.  Doing a little bit of research there are a plentiful supply of places to source venison and it is very low in fat and high in iron.  As well as the links I have already highlighted have a look at Highland Game , Glenlyon Gourmet and the Scottish Deli  I returned home laden down with leaflets and really excellent menu cards and having enjoyed another eye-opening evening.

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