Thursday, 12 January 2012

After the Storm

We have recently had some very severe gales in Scotland and a place that was badly hit was The Hermitage at Dunkeld with many trees coming down, huge about down around the walks in Craigvinean Forest which made for an interesting walk.  There was no way I would have got up to the Pine Cone Viewpoint today, could hardly even see the path.  No doubt they will have it cleared up in no time.  It was lovely to stroll around the forest today as there was hardly a soul around and I even had Ossian's Hall all to myself.  When I went to the airport on Monday one of my children came with me and accidentally dropped my camera all the way down an escalator!, lucky it still works.

Snowdrops already out

View from inside Ossian's Hall

Falls of Braan

Perthshire Big Tree Country

Ossian's Cave

Geocaching in Perthshire

Torryvold Folly


kristieinbc said...

I am glad your camera survived the fall! I am curious about the picture about halfway down. It looks very much like the totem poles the natives from the coast of British Columbia made.

Gilmore House B&B said...

Yes, it is a totem pole. I think it is in honour of the famous botanist David Douglas who brought back seeds to Scotland from his visit's to North America.