Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Niel Gow's Oak - Dunkeld

Today I went to have a look at Niel Gow's Oak an ancient Oak tree at Dunkeld which I heard had been damaged in recent storms.  Niel Gow was a famous 18th Century fiddler who used to sit under this tree and compose his works, more info about him here   I parked at the Douglas Fir Wood car park and took the path under the Railway and A9 down to the side of the Tay and followed the walk heading towards Dunkeld.  You can do a whole loop if you wish, I walked the other side last November 

Sign at the moment says Trail closed, but it is fine.

Views up the River Tay
 The next six pictures show the famous oak tree.  A couple of big limbs appear to have come off it and the delightful seat is well and truly trashed, I assume the large limb fell on top of it.

 I continued along the path a little further admiring the trees before retracing back to the car park.

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