Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A walk into the mist

Today I went up to Enochdhu to do part of the Cateran Trail walk which I did last year in torrential rain, here is last years blog, this year the general theme was mist so hopefully next time the sun will be splitting the sky and I will get some great photos.   This time I did a loop which took me about 3 hours 45 minutes.

 Some beautiful blackface rams

 Instead of heading left at this sign directing you to Glenshee take the path straight ahead past the fire tower and keep following it and it will bring you around in a loop at the Upper Lunch Hut.

 The mist soon descended but luckily the footpath was easy to navigate along and the only sounds were the occasional startled grouse flying out of the heather.

 Made it to the Upper Lunch Hut, the door was a bit stiff and I thought it was locked, but a heavy push and it opened and I signed the visitors book and left my calling card, I noticed our local Blairgowrie shop All Things Fair had done the same thing.

 Great tally of geocaches today, 15 in total and I did a bit of subtle marketing by leaving a QR sticker in the log book :-)

 Not far to go now and the dog will sleep well tonight and me too no doubt.


kristieinbc said...

It was so much fun seeing your post today about this section of the Cateran Trail! Kath and I covered this on day two of our walk and it was our favourite leg of the journey.

Gilmore House B&B said...

It is a lovely part, shame I couldn't see much of it!!