Sunday, 15 January 2012

Walking and Geocaching at Deuchny Wood

A lovely but cold day today with the mist hanging low in the sky.  Daughter No.1 and I took a jaunt down to Perth to Deuchny Wood to do a bit of geocaching.  We logged an impressive 10 geocaches, well impressive for us!  I think the 'world and his wife and dogs' were out enjoying the sunny winter day today.  We parked at the Jubilee Car park and started off through Jim Aitken's Arboretum.  We seemed to end up going the opposite way from what was intended and got a bit lost in an area of fallen trees but soon got back on track and completed which was in essence a circular walk with a couple of detours.

Many geocaches have 'trackables' in them which you move onto other geocaches, I don't venture far so not really much point in taking them.

Great place for mountain biking

Quite a bit of storm damage

Another 'trackable'

Views over the Carse of Gowrie

Curling Pond

More information about the woodlands can be found here


kristieinbc said...

I continue to enjoy your pictures! It looks like you are having a mild winter with very little snow. We just got our first real taste of winter this week here in BC. Very cold temperatures and snow with more in the forecast.

Gilmore House B&B said...

Yes, it has been quite mild this year, very cold today and think some snow forecast for end of week.