Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Langedge Wood/Muirward Wood

I haven't been to this super woodland walk for ages, I used to go quite a lot with our last dog, so really don't know why I haven't been recently.  It is by the side of the main A93 on the way to Perth just past Scones of Lethendy.  You can park at the entrance to the wood (limited parking) or you could go up via New Scone and access the wood from the side or start the walk from St Martins or from Perth Aerodrome, all sorts of ways really!!, I'd have to show you on a map.  There are hundreds of beech trees which then leads into a fir tree plantation and there are tracks here there and everywhere.

 It's not really surprising so many trees toppled in the December storms as you can see how shallow rooted they are.

There was a bit of tree harvesting going on deep in the woods, amazing machines.

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