Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The story of 'Travel Bug' Baby Seal

Sorry going to mention geocaching again! At the end of last year I had a random e-mail from a lady in the USA who had come across a 'travel bug' called baby seal. The travel bug had originated in Switzerland and was on a mission to get to seal point in Scotland and back to Switzerland and had gone via the USA.  Anyhow the last person that had logged the seal seemed to have lost it and this lady had come across it.  The lady is not a geocacher and through the power of the Internet she googled geocaching in scotland and my website popped up so she e-mailed me to ask if she could send it to me and help it continue it's journey, naturally I was happy to oblige. 

So today I placed it in a cache and hope someone helps it get home.  After I had logged it I got a lovely e-mail from 'seals' owners and the lady who sent me the bug is delighted as well.

From people in Switzerland:
Hello gilmorehousebnb!
We have only discovered today that our TB Baby Seal was found and placed in Scotland. After almost one and a half year no news, we never thought that it will continue its trip. Thank you so much for placing it in Scotland. Our kids are very happy! We wonder if it will reach its destination.
All the best!
Greetings from Switzerland!
Mama "rubbas"

From lady in USA:
Yeah! That makes me so happy! I'm glad I was able to return him back to his trip.

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