Thursday, 2 February 2012

Marmalade Making

This blog should have been written up in January, but it wasn't!  January is peak time for Seville oranges which are used in making marmalade.  This year I had a couple of major disasters.  The first recipe I used which was a relatives recipe which refused to set and then I boiled it again and it turned to toffee.  The next recipe is one I used last year and I let it boil before the sugar had dissolved properly so it was grainy and horrible and was like glue.  So on my next attempt I took parts from three different recipes and am delighted to say I got a fantastic result, great texture etc.  There are loads of marmalade recipes out there, so I'm sure you all have a favourite.  I purchased my oranges from our local Blairgowrie Farm Shop.

Marmalade originated just along the road in Dundee  and was made originally by a company called Keiller.  I have a wee confession to make - I'm not very keen on marmalade - don't know why, but I had to taste test my own and have to say it's not bad.

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