Sunday, 13 October 2013

Craighall Circular Walk

Went along today to one of my usual haunts, the old part of the A93 with the Baillie Bridge, but now there are signs for a circular walk.  It is perfectly clear where to walk along the old road but then you head over to the Mause side of the road and confusion set it, clue is in the name really, CIRCULAR walk! so have no idea why I headed straight up when I came to a junction in the track, fortunately didn't go too far until I became aware of my startling error.  Next part was fun as no clear route back to start, well there was, sort off.  If hacking your way through large gorse bushes was the way, then I was on the right trail.  Anyhow slithered down the embankment and was back at the start.  Nice walk though and came across some giant acorn's, they were huge, expected a giant mutant red squirrel to jump out at me.  I would have photographed the route back a bit better, but my camera was having a hissy fit and switching on and off.  My newest walking companion is called Laird McBlair a tweedy wee gent.  My blog may turn into 'The Adventures of Laird McBlair'!

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