Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mount Blair

First time for a long walk in a very long time, but the weather was fair and I have cabin fever, a serious dose of it. Today's walk, for dog and I, was Mount Blair, not far up the road, you can't miss it because of the communication mast on the top.  You can park by the old phone box on the Blacklunans road and walk up the road a little bit until you come to an old farm building where you turn left and just follow the track up and behind the back of  the old limekiln at Coldrach.  I nearly abandoned my walk as the top was covered in mist, so my enthusiasm waned dramatically.  Most of my walks up mountains/hills seem to consist of swirling mist and I fully expect to be hit by a shard of lightening for any past sins. Once me and the hound were in the Corie it really wasn't clear which way to go, apart from obviously towards the mast in the mist.  We passed a small herd of highland bullocks who looked at us inquisitively which caused my mind to momentarily panic, what if they decided to charge at us we would have nowhere to run, apart from perhaps jumping in a bog.  I shouldn't have worried as they didn't bother, but I still had a couple of glances back in case they were creeping up behind us.   The mast in the mist soon got closer and we made it, although disappointed I couldn't see much else.  I waited a while as it is Scotland with it's ever changeable weather and low and behold the views came into site, you can apparently see over 40 Munro's on a clear day.

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