Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The McManus - Dundee

Into the second week of the children's two week October holiday, so I thought a bit of 'culture' was in order.  I took them through to Dundee to visit The McManus - Art Gallery and Museum, worth it just to look at the inspiring building the gallery is housed in.  Entry is free and there is so much to look at.  Dundee is 'on the up' as they say, with huge investment going on along the front, new swimming pool etc.  There are many spectacular old buildings in the city and it is a very vibrant place.  Dundee is only 25 minutes away. Scotia Heritage is a good contact for tours around Dundee, especially the walking tours.  I think I need to visit Dundee more regularly, so much to look at, I always seem to go to Perth.  My father's family were all from Dundee and I probably mentioned it before that my mother's father had a guest house in Dundee in the 70's after he sold his hotel in Comrie.  One of the pleasure's upon driving back from Dundee is the spectacular view before you drop down towards Coupar Angus.

I had a  couple staying for a couple of nights, they left this morning, from down Cumbria way. I enjoyed reminiscing with them about my time working in the Lake District.  Interestingly the gent had written a book which was very impressive and what an interesting life and such a sweet devoted couple, it was lovely to see them together.  True love can strike at any age.

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