Saturday, 26 October 2013

Leaping Salmon

This afternoon I made my usual annual pilgrimage to watch the yearly ritual of salmon 'running upstream' at Buchanty Spout.  The drive over, along all the back roads, was glorious.  Perthshire is achingly beautiful in the 'fall'.  Although everything is dying back, it all seems so alive, vibrant and ablaze. Nature's last impressive push before the long, dark, dormant day's of winter surround us.
Quite a few people out watching the salmon today, gasps of amazement at the salmon's impressive leaps against the torrential, rushing flow of water and rocks.  The power of this majestic fish negotiating the falls to return to it's spawning grounds is a sheer joy to watch.
Took a little run up to Little Glenshee as well, not to be confused with Glenshee. Decent walking and mountain biking territory.

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